Cookies Policy

This Cookies Policy describes how Athena Search (“Athena”, “we”, “us”, “the Website”) uses cookies, web beacons, tags, and pixels when you visit, our social media pages, online ads, and marketing communications. The aim of the Cookies Policy is to explain the types of cookies we use, the types of Automatic Data Collection Tools we use, and your options to control this use. 


The types of cookies that we use for storing or retrieving information when you visit our Website include the following:

  • Necessary Cookies – In order for our Website and its features to work properly, you have to accept the necessary cookies. This way, you enable us to remember cookie permission settings, session logins, etc.
  • Convenience and Personalization Cookies – If you have chosen once your preferred language, region, area or zip code, these cookies store the data for future use, which means that you will not be asked to provide these types of information over and over.
  • Performance and Analysis Cookies – We gather anonymous statistical data and store them in these cookies for the purpose of measuring, optimizing, and improving the overall performance of our Website.
  • Advertising and Retargeting Cookies – These are used to collect data of the visited pages on our Website or social media as well as your activities in order to provide you with the most appropriate advertising content. Bear in mind that your activities on social media networks may be linked to targeted advertising and used according to their own Privacy Policies.

Automatic Data Collection Tools

Web beacons and embedded web links are automatic data collection tools. 

Web beacons are small transparent image files embedded in any online content, used for gathering specific type of information. For example, a web beacon can be added to a newsletter in order to store the date and time of viewing, the IP address of the viewer, whether the viewer has failed to open the content of the newsletter or the email failed to be sent properly. The file can also be a part of online content, image, video, and is usually used for promotional purposes.

Embedded web links serve for redirecting you to a specific page in order to provide you with the most suitable content. By using the redirection system, we are able to change the destination URL of links and further use them in emails or as a part of a promotional banner on social networks. In this way, we can find out whether the link was clicked on or not and thus conclude if our marketing campaign is successful or not.

How to Control the Use of Cookies/Automatic Data Collection Tools

If for any reason you happen to prefer not to allow the cookies or automatic data collection tools to store your personal data, you can always change your browser settings. You can choose to delete the existing cookies and disable the storage of new ones. Bear in mind that by doing this you may experience some difficulties while browsing our Website. It may occur that some specific content or functionality will not be available to you, which can lead to poor user experience.

Contact Us

Should you have any concerns or questions regarding this Cookies Policy, you may call us at +38166383003, contact us by email at [email protected]

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