Key Features

Advanced autocomplete, smart predictions, a feature-rich customizable dashboard, and in-depth analytics are some of the key features that make Athena Search fast, accurate, and powerful. Integrate our search engine with your web store, provide your customers with the best search results, and increase your sales.

Athena Search merchandising


  • Fully customizable from the Dashboard. Integrate first and then turn on/off attributes that you want to be included.
  • Add different sections to your autocomplete, like brands, categories, manufacturers, product blocks, and more.
  • Choose one layout that suits your preferences best. There is always an option to edit the layout with a custom CSS.
  • Add promo banners, exclude some categories from your autocomplete, and preview everything before publishing.
  • Add custom search suggestions, visible directly inside of the search placeholder. It is animated and engaging!
  • Add search tabs, separate your results directly from the autocomplete.
Autocomplete feature
Athena Search merchandising


  • With keyword redirect, you can help your customers find important pages easier.
  • Rich Synonyms functionality allows you to create associations between different search terms.
  • Promote your products and choose the ones you want to show first.
  • Redirect your search to the Product page if there is only one result, downgrade search by price, show a custom number of products per page, and much more.
  • Easily make sure stopwords don’t interfere with your search results.
  • Increase visual impact with promo banners.


  • Conversion rate
  • Preview searches from:
    • Today
    • This week
    • This month
    • This year
    • Yesterday or
    • Custom choose a period
  • Preview poor results:
    • Searches with only 1 Result
    • Searches with Zero Results
  • Geo Overview, Device, Overview, Top Autocomplete Clicks, and more
  • Email Reporting
Athena Search reporting
Athena search user roles


  • Multisite access
  • Create administrators
  • Assign user roles
  • Manage admins’ and users’ activities
  • Track the total volume for the desired date range with Infographics and Charts

Integration benefits

  • Integrate our technology with the Magento 2 or WordPress/WooCommerce platform or via OPEN API
  • Integration benefits: 
    • Seamless integration with data exchange
    • Conversion rate and sales increase
    • Customizable results
    • Smart self-learning AI powered engine behind
    • Feature-rich dashboard
    • Responsive & customizable design
    • The most relevant search results
    • Attribute search – search by color, size, gender or any other attribute
    • eCommerce focused but able to index other data sources such as blog posts
  • Install Athena Search in one of the following ways:
    • SyncIt Extensions Website
    • Magento Marketplace
    • WordPress plugins
    • Or contact us
Athena Search integration

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