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Enjoy advanced search possibilities, develop the best eCommerce experience,
and automate WordPress Blog indexing.

WordPress - WooCommerce

WordPress Posts

WordPress posts can be ordered, tagged, and categorized based on your preferences. Help your readers find the right blog post easily by integrating Athena Search’s advanced technology. Another important benefit of integration is an automated WordPress blog post indexing.

WordPress Blog Posts
WooCommerce products

WooCommerce Products

Provide your shoppers with the most relevant search results, queries, and popular product blocks. Guide them through various product categories, new arrivals, and even payment methods by redirecting them to the most important product-related information and details.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search

Athena Search is built to help you find exactly what you are looking for. With built-in, customizable UX features, smart predictions, and advanced autocomplete options, you will be able to create a search experience that is fast, accurate, relevant, and enjoyable. Just one click on the search box enables your customers to choose one of the suggestions listed as the most popular search queries, top-rated or latest products or articles, and the like.

WooCommerce Web Store

By integrating our advanced search technology with your WooCommerce store, you will be able to provide a seamless search experience, easy and well-organized navigation that leads to products and other important web store information, increase conversion rates, and create a loyal customer base. All you need is Athena’s highly customizable UX and merchandising features and just a touch of creativity.

WooCommerce Web Store
Blog post indexing

Automated WordPress Blog Indexing

Making a search-friendly WordPress Blog is now easier thanks to the integration with the amazing technology of Athena Search. With Athena’s automated indexing process, you will enable both new site visitors and loyal readers to find relevant blog posts easier. It is a one-time-setup solution that can bring countless and limitless benefits to your business.

WordPress/WooCommerce Demo

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Common Questions

Do you automatically index blog posts? Yes, blog posts are automatically indexed by using our extension.

Will it work with my theme? Yes, it can be customized to work with any theme.

Does it work with WooCommerce? Of course. Each new product and product description is automatically indexed. It can work work WordPress standalone on on WordPress with WooCommerce.

Can it search for both products and posts? Not only can it search for products and posts, but also for specific pages with important information, various categories, and much more.

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